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Lo-Fi Keys


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Lo-Fi keys is a mini pack that's bursting with inspiration. From vintage Rhodes piano loops to warped out VHS battered phrases each sample has been loving processed to impart the largest amount of character possible. Utilizing our favourite collection of old VCR players and with the helping hand of a vintage Roland RE-20 Space echo we just knew these experiments should be made public and available. Nestled inside this collection of Lo-Fi piano loops you'll find beautiful performed piano arpeggiations, evocative chord movements, dub inspired piano stabs, jazz tinged licks, modulated chords, hissing leads and more character than one could ever need. We've also included a pile of midi giving you no end of song starting inspiration perfect to kick off any track irrelevant of genre but especially suited for todays Lo-Fi Hip-Hop & Techno movements. So, what are you waiting for? This stunning little beauty sure packs a punch and offers endless ideas for getting you off the ground, out out of a rut and back into the momentum of writing unique, characterful music. We hope you have as much fun using it as we did creating and love exploring modern lo-fi production techniques.

  • Size: 191mb
  • Loops: 50
  • Midi: 30
  • Tempos: 90-120 Bpm

Lo-Fi Keys