Trap Camp

DJ Ave (1/4th of Trap Camp Entertainment) was born originally in Frankfurt Germany and moved to the states after spending 8 years of his life overseas. His Father introduced him to his first musical experience when he handed down his violin. Then DJ Ave knew that music was his calling. At the age of 12, his father gave him his first piece of vinyl (the Ghost Busters movie soundtrack) which he recalls listening to the album several times. He used several thing around the house to create music from records to his sisters Yamaha PSR Keyboard. Intrigued by video game soundtracks, drove his love for music stronger which he incorporates alot of 8bit - 16bits sounds. One day, he was introduced to the Pop group "Dukes of Da'ville" where they ventured off doing experimental music with "out the box" textures.
1017 samples 13 sound packs